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"Maineline Studios" provides photography & videography wedding services to couples who wish to narrate an everlasting fairytale story of their big day in stills and moving frames for their grandkids. Our team serves as affordable and perfectionist bay area videographer plus photographer. We know it is the sure way to get all the best angles and moments for wedding photos and video.

It's easy to think of photography and video as two distinct mediums. That's partly true, but they share a lot more than you would expect. There is a very delicate relationship between wedding photography and videography service! Wedding photographers and videographers are more effective when they work together than when they compete with one another.

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At Maineline Studios, our team prides itself on capturing your best days, from intimate wedding celebrations to lively Quinceanera's and more. Our wedding videography and photography service understands the importance of getting everything right on the day of your event. We consider all factors that come into play, including lighting and positioning, to help guarantee beautiful shots. We pride ourselves on providing high-resolution, quality wedding videos to memorialize your special day. Call on our videography services today!